Bachelor of Library and Information Science


The Bachelor of Library and Information Science program (BLIS) is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills on the theories and concepts of the provision of library and information services. It includes topics on the basic principles of and fundamental laws of library science.

The program seeks to train students on the management of libraries and the techniques of effective librarianship as well as management information system for better organization and use of information resources.

The B.A. in library and information science prepares you to be part of information evolution. Work as a school library media specialist helping educate our children, or be a technician in a library or other information environment in industry or business.

The skills you gain will make you an information leader, supporting organization, access and management of information and its tools.


  • Students demonstrate fundamental abilities in recognizing, evaluating  and utilizing appropriate reference resources to resolve information problems by locating specific reference tools, in print or online, that offer information relevant to the question.
  • Students write policies or analyses for hypothetical library situations that demonstrate writing skills as well as address specific elements of assignments with clarity and appropriate citation support.
  • Students demonstrate an understanding of the key philosophies of the field through written assignments on specific topics and participation in practicum experiences.
  • Students employ current technology tools approporiate to the library field.
  • Students apply the rules of description and subject cataloging to create basic catalog records in electronic format demonstrating an understanding of the basic principles of organization of information as they relate to cataloging and classification. Students further demonstrate these skills by being assessed on bibliographic entries  they create that are employed in tasks that are not specific to cataloging.


  • Job Opportunities
  • Librarian
  • Archivist
  • Cataloguer
  • Bibliographer
  • Researcher
  • Thesis Writer
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