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The Internet Distance Education Program  ( IDEP )

What is IDEP ?
iDEP is an acronym for Internet-based Distance Education Program.  It is a elementary/secondary education program run by the Bureau of  Education (BEE /BSE) of the Department of Education (DepED) of the Republic of the Philippines.  The program offers formal secondary education to qualifying students using Internet-based technologies.  The use of Internet-based technologies enables certain existing high schools to create and manage classes completely on-line.

  Who are qualified to enrol under IDEP ?

Students who wishes to enrol under IDEP must meet the following qualifications:

•     Filipino citizen •     Have completed the pre-requisite grade or year level •     Independent learner •     Computer literate •     Have Internet access See more…

  Where is IDEP offered ?

IDEP is offered completely in the Internet.  This means that you can be residing anywhere in the world and be enroled in a Philippine-accredited formal secondary education.  However, your credentials will be issued by the participating IDEP high schools where you are enroled in.   Currently, the following high schools will be offering the iDEP curriculum:

  Why offer IDEP ?

IDEP is offered for certain students were Internet-based learning is convenient and easily accessible.  It is not intended to replace real classroom and real teacher and student interaction.  It is intended for students who are unable to go to a regular school and the only way of getting a formal Philippine-accredited secondary education is through the Internet.

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